Micro Footie soccer birth years: 2018, 2019

Micro Footie (formerly Timbits) is a child’s first introduction to organized soccer and focuses on building and strengthening fundamental soccer skills through ball centric activities. Through regularly structured practices with a team coach activity focuses on basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, body movement and proper stance. Teams practice once a week indoors and play games on Saturday mornings at Beaconsfield Park against other teams. Micro Footie soccer introduces players to a team environment where they learn and develop with other players and play fun games on weekends.

See available camps for this age group here.

Micro Footie programs:

  • Fall/Winter Season
  • Micro Footie Academy
  • Spring Development Program @ Hillcrest
  • Summer Development Program @ Hillcrest
  • Spring Camps
  • Summer Camps