We encourage everyone to be aware of player safety and take the steps necessary to reduce risks for participants. Below are resources for coaches, players and parents to better promote safe and healthy sporting experience for all participants.

Player Safety Policies

BC Soccer provides organizations, coaches, parents and players with educational health, fitness, safety and age-appropriate coaching resources on their site. You can access these resources here.

The Canada Soccer Guide to Safety provides information, best practices and principles and guidance to support safe environments and participation. Review the document here.

Child Safety

Children have a right to participate in sport in a safe and enjoyable environment. All coaches and individuals who work with children have a “duty of care” to the children with whom they work and ICSF takes these obligations seriously.

Child Abuse Reporting Policy (100 kb)

Inappropriate Conduct Policy (105 kb)

Rule of Two Policy (340 kb)

More information about the ICSF Code of Conduct can be found here.


ICSF members can access additional sport accident insurance more information is available here:

BC Soccer Insurance

Note that claims must be made by the family on the injured player within 30 days of the incident.