Player Evalutations

Accurate evaluation of players is an important part of ICSF’s commitment to creating a positive environment for all players. Starting at U11, players are evaluated and placed on teams with players of similar caliber to play against teams of that caliber. In order to ensure evaluations are accurate, ICSF is committed to a season long evaluation process which includes the following phases:

  1. The Technical Director attend multiple practices with each age group during the year to view and become familiar with the players.
  2. Constant communication between Coaches and the Technical Director regarding the players on each team.
  3. Coaches are asked to complete player assessment forms twice a year. At the mid point and at the end of the season just prior to the on-field evaluation sessions.
  4. On-field evaluation sessions will be held at the end of each season for the upcoming year where independent ICSF staff and the Technical Directors will evaluate players during a series of training sessions, drills and scrimmage. All players wanting to play at ICSF for the upcoming year must register for on-field evaluations.