Rob Dattilo’s soccer journey started on the gravel fields of Burnaby where he spent his grassroots at Burnaby Heights Soccer Club. In his teens, he joined the ICSF Milan squad led by Giorgio Zambrano, Rocco Dissegna, and Frank Valente. Rob went on to represent Capilano College and then Norvan Saints where he balanced both playing and coaching roles. At the very core, Rob is a teacher, and his interest in a coaching career landed him an opportunity at Total Soccer Systems (TSS Academy) where he held several roles from staff coaching, program coordinator, Academy Director and Operations Manager over a 16-year timeframe. Rob also served as Executive Director of Coastal WFC and Assistant Coach to Marc Rizzardo at Langara College.

Professionally, Rob has trained in customs service, sales, management, organizational behavior and learning development. His personal interest saw him land several consulting contracts through a service dubbed Team Certified. Supporting team culture through goal setting and building actionable objectives was the primary mantra behind a Team Certified project. Rob is a natural leader, and currently holds a primary role in sales and business development for Leavitt Cranes Canada.

“I am looking forward to working with the coaches at the ICSF, my goal is to support a positive experience for all members. Having a history and experience with the club, I want to bring forward all the good work established by my predecessors and help take steps forward towards being a destination club.”

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